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If you are an employer and would like to post an SAP role, make sure you join the SAP NetWork Global Group on LinkedIn and lookout for the Group Announcement

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There are 2 ways that we can help you to rapidly expand your SAP network:

1) Join some of the large SAP groups on social networks such as LinkedIn.

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2) Connect with some Super Hub SAP Professionals (that are connected to a large number of member) such as:

- You may like to double check with any of the above members if they welcome invitations from others that they don't know or not, as for me the answer is Yes.

- The members above were extracted from a search for SAP members sorted by number of connections (back when that option was active in Feb 2008)

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Ehab Elagaty

SAP Consultant / Team Leader / Trainer / Tester / Support / Analyst

Australia's #1 Most Connected LinkedIn SAP Professional

Australia's #2 Most Connected LinkedIn Member

The #2 Most Connected LinkedIn SAP Professional - World Wide

Website: www.elagaty.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sapnetwork

Add me to your Network: www.elagaty.com/addehab (Welcome Invitations from All)

CV: www.elagaty.com/cv

I have been recently traveling between the following countries, so you may try reaching me on the following numbers, please check the time zones below first or click on following links to check the time zones at the specific location ( Saudi Arabia / Australia / Egypt ):

Australia: +61-406-060620

Egypt: +20-100-2127731

Email: ehabelagaty [at] gmail [dot] com

Skype / Yahoo / MSN / GTalk: ehabelagaty

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